Smart thermostat tries to put me to bed each night

The thing has decided that my air temperature should drop at 7 p.m

Sometimes I really worry that humankind is going to be overtaken by robots. We have become so obsessed with artificial intelligence and making high-quality technological advances in our lives that it seems like we’re asking for trouble. I do my best to keep things rather simple around my house because I am not a big fan of these intelligent gadgets. I would much rather have stupid appliances that weren’t trying to murder me. This is why I was very reluctant when my kids bought me a smart thermostat a few years ago. I really didn’t want the intelligent air quality control device installed in my house because I didn’t understand how it was possibly going to help me control my central heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment any better than I could. I don’t need help turning my thermostat up or down. I am fine with managing my energy expenditure and monthly utility bills on my own. I’m just not sure why I need a special smart thermostat to keep my air quality and air temperature control devices in order. However, I finally broke down and installed the smart thermostat last month. And now, I am convinced that the air temperature control device is trying to control my life as much as my central HVAC system. The thing has decided that my air temperature should drop at 7 p.m. no matter what I tried to tell it. I feel like the central thermostat it’s trying to put me to bed earlier every night. Why? Maybe so it can convene with my other appliances?

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