Smart thermostat is not making life easier

I kept increasing the temperature settings on our thermostat throughout the day however clearly, there was something wrong.

I was starting to suspect it might be a ghost that was messing with our thermostat. The thermostat would change its temperature at the same time everyday. I doubted that ghosts are that predictable so I figured something else must be going on with our thermostat. All of us moved into this beach house a few weeks ago after leaving our outdated family home. All of us just don’t need as much space since the youngsters started families of their own, however our old, large home had a knob thermostat and you just turn the knob and the gas furnace or a/c would adjust to that temperature. The thermostat in our current place has a fancy screen on it however it seemed to work the same way. And yet, there was the issue where the thermostat changed its own temperature twice a day. All of us were about to call the maintenance to come and have a look at it however then our child came by for a visit. The a/c abruptly got frigid and we told his that it does that every day at the same time. Our child pushed a few buttons on the thermostat and he said it shouldn’t do it anymore. She told us that the smart thermostat must have been programmed by the previous renters to cool off during certain times of the day. Our child said that he took out this programming and that it would work enjoy a proper thermostat now for us. She even said it might beginning reading our settings and make life a little bit easier. I sure hope so. This current technology is not for everyone.

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