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My property owner is the most uncaring property owner in our city.  He never returns our iPhone calls plus emails or texts, he never comes by the lake house to repair any issues I have, plus he is truly rude plus dismissive when I finally get ahold of him.  All he cares about is spending the rent money. It doesn’t matter how serious the problem is; he never answers our complaints. A few weeks ago, our outdated furnace stopped finally working.  I was genuinely overwhelmed about this because Winter season was coming, but I had faith that he would respond this time since loss of heat is a major violation of the contract. Well, it has been many weeks plus he hasn’t returned any our calls or emails.  I have been calling him nonstop for several weeks, plus I am beyond upset. I am getting uneasy because of the Winter storm that is coming our way, then it could be genuinely dangerous to be without heat during the frigid Winter storm for even longer. In the meantime, I bought an electric blanket plus an area heater.  At night, the electric cover works amazingly. It keeps myself and others truly toasty. The area oil furnace works wonders as well. It heats whatever room I’m in truly quickly. Although this is not a perfect solution, it keeps myself and others sizzling in the meantime. Since our property owner hasn’t responded to myself and others as of  yet, I have decided to make a formal complaint to the department of housing in our county. I can’t continue to live here knowing that our safety and well being isn’t our property owner’s concern, then hopefully, the department of housing will take care of this issue plus I can find a up-to-date lake house truly soon.

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