Small and minor repairs

Growing up, I used to go antiquing with my dad.

It was constantly our special thing that all of us did together, in addition to I knew I wanted to have an antique shop of my own a single morning.

One of the worst parts about antiquing, was that there was never any central heating on air. Most antique shops were in large warehouses or run down buildings. Aesthetically, they were beautiful, however not undoubtedly sizzling or cool, then by the time my dad in addition to I would be done browsing all the items, we’d be hot. When it came time for myself and others to open up my own antique shop, it was undoubtedly crucial for myself and others to install central heating in addition to air. I thought it would be easy, however it wasn’t. All the large buildings I found were too large to add central heating in addition to air. It could be installed, however my utility bills would put myself and others into debt faster than I could put the open sign up. I was feeling depleted, until my realtor took myself and others to an undoubtedly certain property… She showed myself and others an old new home that had been on the market for weeks. It was 3000 square feet in addition to built in the 1950’s, so it needed a tremendous amount of work to live in. She suspected this was why nobody wanted to buy it. However, it was under my budget, I didn’t need to live there, in addition to it could really be heated in addition to cooled. I just needed to make some minor repairs on the inside in addition to install a brand new Heating, Ventilation & A/C system.



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