sleeping on the streets in winter

if you can’t find adequate shelter in the winter time, it can be an actual hazard to your life.

A couple of weeks ago, For instance, I was walking down the street plus I saw a young girl innocently sitting on the sidewalk.

I assumed she was sitting there panhandling so she could get drugs for her and her friends. A couple of weeks later, I saw the same girl huddled on the corner of the street plus she had a blanket over herself. I realized she was legitimately sleeping on the street, not just looking for drug money. I asked her why she was out here plus she reported her step father had kicked her out about 4 weeks earlier. I asked her what she was planning to do when it got chilly plus she simply shrugged and it’s very sad. I offered her enough money for a sizzling home cooked meal plus a hotel room, but she handed it right back to me. I asked her if she would go to dinner with me instead. Every day, when I went for dinner from work, she would be sadly sitting there plus I would take her with me for a warm meal. One day, she wasn’t there plus I distraught thinking about her because it was getting cold, but a week later she was suddenly back. Instead of taking her to dinner, I took her to our home so she could enjoy some heat. The furnace was running plus I could hear her sigh when she felt the central heating. When she was warm again she was ready to go. I told her that she was welcome to stay here and utilize the heating with me, plus all I asked was that she got a job. For the next 3 or four weeks, she constantly thanked myself and others for the indoor heating in her little room.

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