Sizzling temperatures

Not that many of years ago, I visited my older sibling on the other side of the country.  I spent a month with her, plus was totally comfortable in her guest living room. Although her lake new home is not equipped with a central cooling system, there was a window air conditioner in my room.  Despite outdoor hot plus cold temperatures in the high eighties, the room was perfectly cool. I had a little remote control which allows me to make adjustments without even getting out of bed. With a tap of my finger, I could raise or lower temperature, regulate fan speed plus even target humidity levels.  At the end of the a tied up day, I was consistently eager to crawl into bed. I had no trouble sleeping plus consistently felt rested in the day. This past Winter season, I decided to visit my sibling for another week. My stay was not as comfortable this time. Her new home is outfitted with a forced air furnace with a single thermostat.  Because of only the only thermostat, every room is heated to the same temperature. The guest living room was consistently slightly overheated, plus I’d wake up damp with sweat. Plus, without the air conditioner drowning out other sounds, I had a good deal of trouble sleeping. I heard the wind chime outside my window, the furnace kicking on plus off, plus the animal barking.  I even heard my sibling snoring in her living room on the other side of the wall. My sibling very needs to replace her heating plan to zone control. The guest living room is usually empty, plus yet she’s paying to heat it all Winter season long.

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