Sinking money in the heater

Life is strange, the curveballs it throws you. Just as you get used to one set of circumstances, a whole new situation presents itself and you must start all over again. That’s why I’m currently on the lookout for a new place to work with amazing indoor temperature control. See, I am a professional blogger. I also have my own video series that’s used for documenting everything from beauty tips to hole in the wall diners. I am a person who genuinely likes to be out and about all the time! I don’t try to spend that much time at home. I live in a small house with the basic necessities, so it’s easy to go elsewhere for the day. I will say, I did insist on finding a place for myself that was substituted and that had newer HVAC. I savor my air conditioning and love to operate my cooling system, otherwise the heat and humidity frizzes my hair, and so imagine my complete and total dismay when my absolute number one cafe decided to just go ahead and try to save some extra currency by installing a window wall. They never even consulted me! They now keep it open all warm season instead of turning on the central air conditioning system. I spent almost every day working at this cafe. I’ve obtained so multiple coffees from them! Where is all this money going if not for the operation of the HVAC! After one last sweaty, miserable work day, I had enough. I needed to find a new hang-out spot. Clearly that whole place wasn’t right for me.

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