Simple fix to a non-working AC

When you get a new air conditioner, it should be pretty straight forward that is going to work great and you would have no problems right? Well, that’s the case if you have a certified heating and air conditioning specialist doing the installation.

They know what it means to have a perfect a/c set up.

But, if you are one of these people who do it yourself, and know how to install a central heating and air conditioning system, I bet you do not know about a/c set up. The a/c set up process is something that generally you can not do yourself unless you really did your homework. It takes a lot of research through reading and watching instructional videos to know how to do a proper a/c set up. Of course, if you went to heating and air conditioning certification school to become an HVAC worker, then that is part of the schooling. But, doing it yourself, you have a lot more to learn than just the basic installation when it comes to central heating and air conditioning set ups. Especially with the a/c set up portion of it all. I learned all this the hard way when I thought I was going to be slick and install my own brand new central heating and air conditioning system. Well, I messed up, and I paid the price by having to call the local heating and air conditioning company anyway. So here I was paying the HVAC installation fee, and wasted a whole day on top of it. Don’t let that happen to you!
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