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I’m one of those people who is fortunate enough to work from home. Working from home feels so nice because I can save tons of money on gas and eating out during work. Not to mention, I can sleep in till just before I have to begin work! It is so liberating. There is one hitch though that came up quite recently. That was, that my a/c gave out! It happened in the middle of my work day last week. This was a big problem. So, I took a breather and right away called my favorite, helpful and friendly HVAC guys. Unfortunately for me, they were busy that afternoon and could not get out until the following day! So, I had to leave off working for the day, forfeit a half of day’s pay and book it to my nearest hotel. I’m that serious about having a/c when I sleep. However, the next day, the heating and cooling repair man arrived super fast. He was there for a couple hours at my house fixing my air conditioning system. He got it going again and it felt great. Now I was able to go back to work that day and enjoy my refreshing heating and cooling system. I also got an excellent deal on future HVAC repair. So I guess in the end, the broken air conditioning system helped more than hurt!

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