Should the government be in charge of green energy

The people I was with and I live in an area where the wind is able to cause some extreme destruction.

Many times there are high sustained winds for weeks on end.

For this reason our state has approved the upgrade of massive windmill farms across the area as well as I fear that they have done this separate from realizing the entire impact of the decision. Sure, vacant farmland has been targeted for these monster windmills but it also can affect other areas of the environment too. They say that in the coming years solar, wind, as well as hydro power plants will power most of the infrastructure as well as allow for dwellings to use their heat, air conditioner, as well as other appliances for more efficient cost as well as do less damage overall to the environment around them. However, I wonder how much the upfront cost of this change will really be. If the taxpayers have to cover the bill for all of this “green energy” then are they honestly saving currency in the long run. Yes, these items will certainly cut down on harmful emissions from fossil fuels but I don’t see any other serious advantages. If people choose to install solar panels on their own to operate their Heating as well as A/C appliances as well as lights that is fine as they are easily benefiting directly from the currency spent. Giving it to the government to purchase as well as install these things is another story. Additionally, if a man wants to run a Heating as well as A/C appliance off of a single one of these alternative power sources the component has to be retrofitted to make the conversions in a majority of cases. If they are doing this on a state level then it will cost even more tax dollars to make those changes in government buildings all around.

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