Should I buy a home with all these bathrooms?

I just discovered that my friend’s husband, Ted, is a professional plumber. He works at a sizable hospital downtown plus all he does all throughout the day is go around to all the buildings on the hospital property plus keep up with the plumbing upkeep… It sounds like a genuinely superb task to me. Ted told me that as long as he keeps up with the regular plumbing upkeep on all of the sinks, toilets, showers, plus kitchen area within the hospital, he rarely has to face any sort of gross plumbing disasters. However, when I asked him just how many lavorities he actually has to work on every day, he could only laugh. Seemingly, on the hospital grounds alone, there are well over a hundred lavatories. That’s easily over a hundred toilets clogging, a hundred showers leaking, plus a hundred sinks dripping or overflowing that poor Ted has to take on! He says he has the lavatories on a rolling plumbing service schedule. Essentially, he does about five each day plus that way by the end of the week, he has finished with regular plumbing maintenance on every single lavatory at the facility. Ted has told me that by maintaining everything on a rolling schedule, it gives him the needed leeway in case any real serious plumbing emergencies should arise. I certainly had no idea that hospitals have their own on-site plumbers that stay on location for a majority of the time. After speaking to Ted, I believe it makes perfect sense for them to cough up for that major expense. I mean, calling for an emergency plumber all the time would be quite a massive expense! It’s better to just employ your own plumbing professional.

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