Shivering very hard

Once again, my fellow employees and I are in a deep freeze with our employer. Where I live, the winters get pretty frigid. Fellow northerners have adapted to the snow, wind and cold, but only within reason. One wouldn’t expect that a Scrooge-type boss actually existed in the twenty first century. Like Ebenezer Scrooge, who condemned his faithful employee, Bob Cratchit, to a lump of coal to keep his cramped office warm, our miserly boss refuses to raise the thermostat above sixty seven degrees for his faithful employees. Instead, he has sent several memos with suggestions for staying warm. Here are just a few: wear layers of clothing to work, get up frequently and take vigorous walks, drink coffee or tea, and so on. And we are strictly forbidden to use electric space heaters, as they raise the company’s utility bills. These chilly working conditions have created a hostile work environment over the years. Several of us have attempted to sway his stubborn attitude. We’ve cited studies from researchers in the heating, ventilation and cooling industries, including one study recommended the ideal temperature for office workers is seventy one degrees fahrenheit. He cited his own source that found that sixty seven degrees is perfectly acceptable for optimum work output. Next, we went to the OSHA website to see its recommendation for workplace temperature settings. We had hoped to get OSHA on our case to force the boss’s hand in raising the thermostat a few degrees. Unfortunately, sixty eight was the low end of the temperature range of recommended settings. Our options to increase the heat in our offices are seemingly exhausted. About the only thing left to do is wrap up in the blankets that each of us were given as Christmas presents!

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