Shivering like crazy

Having a family reunion is great, especially with my family. The two of us constantly have the reunion at my uncle’s house, as he has this big kitchen area and a gigantic table he found in an estate sale. The table could easily sit twenty people or more, it’s so big! While he doesn’t mind hosting the reunion though, he constantly catches static from my mom and dad because of how chilly he keeps his house, however one year, I asked him why he prefers it to be as chilly inside as it is outside, and he laughed. He explained that trying to heat his home would cost a fortune, and that it’s infinitely easier (and cheaper) for everyone to just wear another layer of clothes. I thought he was exaggerating about the costs of heating his home, until he showed myself and others what his average utility bill looked like. I couldn’t guess it! He said the size of the rooms in the home made it incredibly difficult for any heat to linger. I told him he could just invest in a small area heater, and he laughed again, saying area gas heating systems are incredible fire hazards. The following year, my uncle had bought more than one mini-heaters, and sited them directly behind my mom and dad’s chairs at the table. The man has a sense of humor, no doubt about it.

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