She kept asking me questions

I knew something had to be up with our humidifier because I was receiving random static shocks from touching particular items within our home.

Not to mention, our hair was also sticking up. That’s when I decided to see if our humidifier was on. When I was inspecting our humidifier it didn’t seem like it was laboring. According to our heating as well as cooling professional, correct humidity level is undoubtedly pressing for a person’s health, comfort, well-being as well as also our loft as well as it’s furnishings. When I called our local heating as well as cooling professional to come take a look at the humidifier she asked me various questions first to see if it was something that I could just resolve before she would come to our apartment as well as do a Heating & A/C service call. She asked if I turned off the humidifier at the end of the last heating season as well as wanted to see if I forgot to turn it back on, but or she said maybe I forgot to open a bypass damper or water valve. I told him everything was on as well as that I didn’t touch a single setting. She also asked me when the last time I cleaned our humidifier. I told him that I cleaned it last year as well as she told me that the lack of cleaning may be the reason why our humidifier is not turning on. She said that if I have hard water I should be cleaning it much more frequently, such as cleaning at least twice a heating season. She also stated that the dehumidifier panel can be congested with sediment from the sediment of the hard water. If the water panel or evaporator pad is congested from the sediment the humidifier will not toil officially. After cleaning it our humidifier worked again!


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