She changed her tune quickly

It seems like forever since I have been telling my wife that we need a quality HVAC system. She always says we have a working HVAC, and why should we upgrade to something else when it would cost us a great deal of money? I kept telling her that it wasn’t about the fact that our HVAC system worked, I knew it worked. It was that the energy bills were becoming incredibly high, and the new HVAC system models were way more energy efficient. She asked why we didn’t get an energy efficient HVAC system way back then, and I had to explain they didn’t have anything so energy efficient at that time. She finally relented and said that I could do whatever I wanted. That to me was basically code for, ‘you’re in the doghouse buddy.’ Well, I wasn’t going to be in the doghouse if I could help it. I had an HVAC technician over to the household for a free consultation. I was telling him that I needed to get something that my wife would love more than I would. He said that I definitely couldn’t go wrong with radiant heated floors and a nice energy efficient cooling system. I wanted to hear more and he explained that the radiant heated floors would make it so there are no drafts in the house, I would save a great deal on the energy bills, and I would experience heating in a whole new way like never before. I decided to go for it and ever since, my wife has been saying that we should have upgraded a long time ago!