Setting the room temperature

My brother, Mike has a really cool friend that lives on the east coast.  His friend, Joe independently wealthy so he provides Mike with an open-date plane ticket so my brother can go out to visit Joe, anytime of the year.  Joe has this immense condo, full of cool stuff and I constantly hear about his incredible and fancy systems that he has in his place. I am hoping that one year, my brother Mike will talk Joe into providing a plane ticket for myself, as well.  Mike always comes back home after these visits with these interesting stories of the condo and of the modern technologies that Joe has implemented in the condo, in particular. After this last trip out, Mike told me about an amazing heating and A/C system that I’ve never even heard about before.  Apparently there are systems on the market that allows the heating and A/C to operate separately and independently from each other. I’m sure that technology is best, since my brother, Mike prefers the air conditioning to be set in his room that he stays in to an incredibly cool degree, but on the other hand, the host, Joe prefers a much warmer environment so he sets his room as well as the rest of the place to a warmer setting with the thermostat.  Joe can also set the condo temperatures for the heating and A/C directly from his personal cellphone which allows him to have a cool and comfortable temperature set at home before they even arrive there.