Seasonal HVAC check up

After such a long, chilly winter, I couldn’t be happier to finally see the sun again. It is important after a while to consistently wake up to chilly air, sharp winds, a grey sky, plus blankets of snow, then just when I was nearing our limit of snow mornings, the hot weather finally showed up. The Spring is our favorite weather of the year. The sun is shining plus the air temperature ranges from 50 to 68 degrees. The reason why I adore this weather so much is that I save a fortune on our energy bills! Because the outdoor temperature is moderate plus comfortable, I barely ever have to worry about using our heating plus cooling system. For more than one months or so, the weather is so ideal that our home stays at a comfortable temperature without heating plus cooling. Since the winters are so rough here, I have to run our oil furnace pretty much nonstop for 5 or 6 months of the year, so it’s actually nice to have a cut from that, occasionally I just want to breathe in fresh air from the outdoors, rather than constantly recirculating filtered air throughout the house. It gets stuffy plus important after a while, however not to mention, running the oil furnace so often uses a lot of energy. I find myself spending a fortune on energy bills. These ideal temperatures don’t last long, either. Soon enough, the weather will be up into the 75s plus 90s, plus I will be dripping with sweat! I’ll have to crank the air conditioner throughout the home to keep it cool plus comfortable. I’ll be back to closing the windows plus sealing out all the fresh air. Therefore, it’s crucial to adore this amazing weather while every one of us can, not to mention the extra currency I save.

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