Searching for the perfect decor

I used to think the only thing I needed to worry about when we started building our home was the layout of the house.

I knew I was going to enjoy going out and buying furniture, but I wasn’t sure what kind of furniture I wanted.

We looked at some really cool, but dark and heavy furniture that was made in Italy. We loved the Mediterrainean feel, but it wasn’t us. We also looked at Modern and Traditional furniture. I knew what I wanted for my home and I was trying to make sure we had the exact vibe we wanted. I finally talked to some friends of mine who had their furniture custom made. I had some old pieces that were my grandmother’s and I thought it would be fun to have them reupholstered. We looked at different types of leather and we finally found a sound butter yellow that was beautiful. I really liked the idea of having custom upholstery on our sofa and chairs. I would have never thought that I would like having a leather sofa or a leather chair because I thought it would be hot and cause my body to sweat. It was the most comfortable sofa and chair I had ever sat down on. I am loving our new home and I am so glad we chose to do our own interior decorating. We have redone our wooden table and chairs for the dining room and we found some amazing Italian style bedroom furniture. It cost us less than a third of what brand new furniture cost us and we are thrilled with the results.