Scented air filters smell bad fast

My roommate Alex is obsessed with the scent of lavender. Everything we use has to have the smell of lavender. Our dish soap, laundry detergent and fabric softener all smell like it. When our HVAC system needed a new air filter we found that there were scented options. Alex found lavender scented air filters and bought the store out. I can tell you from experience that scented air filters are a mistake. The lavender scent was pleasant on the first few days of use. As the HVAC would run you would get a hint of the flower smell. It was classy, nice and subtle. As dust got into the HVAC system, the scent started to change. The smell turned into old lavender and then turned into a really stinky grime smell. The air filters are meant to stay in the HVAC equipment for a month. You then get to replace with new. By two weeks the scented air filter made our whole house reek. Alex just wants to replace the air filter every two weeks and keep using the lavender ones. We are not made of money. I also think it is stupid to replace the air filter earlier than usual just to have a scent. I am letting my roommate use up all the scented ones. Then we are going back to the typical HVAC filter that has no scent and can be replaced  monthly. Maybe I could buy a lavender candle or air freshener to cheer Alex up afterwards. No matter what though, I can’t live with that horrible smell.

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