Saving money

As long as I can remember my mom has been about saving as much money as she possibly can. This is definitely not a bad trait to have. Some of her frugalness has certainly rubbed off on me. For the past few months I have noticed that my AC bill has been on the rise. I noticed the change because I pay very close attention to all of my utilities. I am always trying to conserve money where I can. I have a friend that is an HVAC tech so I asked him for a few tips. He told me first I should check the air filters in my AC unit. He told me that sometimes if these get debris in them the AC unit will not run as well. He also asked me how long it had been since I had any maintenance done on my AC unit. I honestly could not remember so he said he would come over and take a look. He also told me that the HVAC provider that he works for is running a special on programmable thermostats so he would come and install one if I wanted. I wasn’t sure at first because it still sounded expensive upfront but I realized I would save money on my heating and cooling in the end if I had a new thermostat. I usually just leave my thermostat on all night and sometimes forget to turn it off in the morning. Overall I am excited to see if my utility bill goes down because of the improvements I will be making to my heating and cooling system.

energy saving tips