Sanitizing the air

I have 3 pets and I love them all to pieces.  One is a great dane and the other 2 are these cute little black mutts about 2 years apart in age.  I have had pets in the home my entire life in spite of having asthma–I actually spent the last ten years or so without any major concerns.  I live in a part of the country with regular pollen issues and since I have a fenced in backyard, I let my pets roam free out back and then let them back in the home throughout the afternoon.  I have been living in this home for years however my breathing recently took a hit the last month: Constant coughing, can’t catch my breath, always sneezing and having nasty headaches–I knew I needed to figure something out fast.  I asked my doctor about it and he advised that I could be having complications with indoor air conditions. Even though I properly change out my air conditioner filter, it can’t collect every single contaminant in the air. Some filters barely protect against mold spores and pet dander which are 2 of the biggest culprits for indoor respiratory concerns.  My doctor advised that I buy some media air cleaners for my house. Although they’re not cheap, they’re relatively cheap compared to putting in a immense air purifying plan connected to the central Heating and Air Conditioning. He said that if I bought 2, I could put 1 in my study room and another on the opposite side of the house. I’m amazed at the result: a ton of hair and grime collected in the filters and I can finally breathe for more than a minute without coughing up crud from my lungs.  It’s not perfect however the change is considerable–I just wish I had known about these media air cleaners sooner!

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