RV needs more a/c care

My friends thought I was crazy to work full time from my 18th birthday, especially since I remained loyal to the same company. The business valued my work, and offered me awesome retirement packages. Not many people can say they retired before 50, and I did it at 48! I sold my house upon retirement, purchased the largest RV I could afford to pay off, and dedicated the rest of my days to traveling around the country and seeing all the places I always wanted to see. I’ve been on my “retirement tour” for just over six years now, and it still hasn’t gotten old to me. I’ve made friends in all kinds of places that I’ll never forget! I also have to say that without the best possible temperature control systems, things might not have turned out as well as I’d hoped. With all the travelling I do, I’m often running the heating system and the cooling system on the same day at high capacities. The A/C will be blowing all day as I make my way down the highway, but then I’ll turn the heat on at night to sleep comfortably. I spent so long working for a heating and A/C contractor that I have all the experience I need to keep the systems running as desired, which really helps me save some dough on the road. If there’s engine trouble, or hiccups with the transmission, roadside assistance is a necessity. Otherwise, I can handle any heating or cooling issues with ease. Perfect temperature control goes a really long way on the road, as I’d end up at hotels much more often if the RV didn’t have perfect heating and cooling!. As it stands, I haven’t had to spend money for lodging in years, and my cooling system still runs as good as it did when I first got it!

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