Retain remodeling builds beauty shop

We were thrilled to have acquired this property.

It has been a dream of mine to open up a beauty shop on the west side of town.

The east side shop is doing great but it is time to expand. Besides, the west side tends to have higher-end clientele. The only issue was that the property we acquired used to be a fast food restaurant. The set up inside is completely wrong and the whole building looks very cheesy. That is why we hired a contractor to do some retail remodeling for us. I pretty much just told them what I wanted then I sat back and they did the rest. Of course I stopped by the property every single day to see how the work was progressing. In the beginning I was concerned because it still looked like a fast food restaurant. However, as the days progressed the store renovation started looking better and better. It wasn’t long before it didn’t look like a fast food restaurant at all. Then it started actually looking like a beauty shop. That is when I started getting really excited and I started bugging the contractors. I didn’t want to bother them but as I saw the shop coming together I started getting new ideas and changing the plan up a little bit. This ended up costing me a bit extra but it was so worth it. Thanks to the retail construction I now have a beauty shop that is better than I dreamed. And, it is on the west side.


Retail remodeling