Repairing our car’s ac

During the  final week of college, I had a lot of important end of the year exams to take.  I was especially stressed over graduation because of student loans. I was trying to save money in every way possible.  I cut coupons for groceries and packed my lunches everyday. I made sure to turn up the thermostat before leaving for class.  The outside temperature had already started to heat up and the humidity was brutal. Although it was only the middle of May, there was no way to get by without running the air conditioner.  When I left for class, I started the car and started up the air conditioner first thing. The vents then blasted me with overheated air. It takes the air conditioner forever to finally provide some cool air.  ANd then the air is musty smelling and blows quite a bit of dust around. I sometimes need to crack the window to let in some fresh air. The air conditioner gives me a headache. I know I should take it to a mechanic to get a  diagnosis for repair. I simply can’t afford an air conditioner repair at this point. If the air conditioner quits, I’ll probably end up riding the bus. At least the bus is nice and cool. Attending school in the south, air conditioning is a priority.  My outdated apartment even has a modern cooling system installed. I love that I can set the thermostat to the perfect temperature and not have to worry about expensive electric bills. The utilities are included in the rent. Because of the air conditioner, I can sleep at night, wake up energized and manage to study for my exams.  

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