Refrigerant in our cooling unit

I remember when I went on a road trip with some friends. It was a good time all told, and we got to see some really beautiful sites. The drama was when the A/C went out. We kept adjusting the thermostat but we couldn’t get the cooling system to work at all. You wouldn’t believe how overheated it became in that vehicle in a matter of minutes. It was blazing hot outside and we seriously needed our cooling system to work because we were in the desert. Well, fortunately we were able to locate an auto garage close by to fix our problem. It was wonderful sitting in the waiting area for our car to be fixed because they had their powerful cooling system really pumping out that cold air. When they were finally done, we turned on the A/C and that air was ice-cold! Unfortunately, we found out that we simply ran out of refrigerant. We could have recharged it ourselves if we went to a place to get said refrigerant, but instead we paid a fairly hefty sum to take our car to the auto shop. I guess it was alright though because we felt great and we were able to continue on our road trip without completely suffering in the overbearing heat. There’s really nothing worse than driving out in the desert and then having your cooling system go on you. In the future, we are going to make sure that we have enough refrigerant in the cooling system before striking out there.

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