Reflections on air conditioning and family income

I was sitting on my couch last Saturday night, enjoying some TV and a chat with my wife,  when I really began to reflect on how much I appreciate air conditioning. I remembered similar Saturday nights, sitting with my family around the television when I was growing up. We had an old window air conditioning system in the living room that only worked half the time we lived there. Whenever the window A/C was busted for one reason or another,  it was our best bet to open a window to let a cross breeze through. As a kid, such things did not bother me as much as they do now, I was just enjoying life and took crappy climate control as just the way things were. It made me realize that these days, I take excellent climate control as just the way things are! Me and my wife are so much more comfortable in our living room with our state-of-the-art air conditioning system. Never have I complained about it being underpowered. If anything, we turn it down every now and then because it is too powerful! My parents did not feel the need to invest in a central air conditioning system. They thought that it was frivolous to consider doing that, though I think if we had a higher income, we may have given it a shot. My family was pretty poor back then. It makes me grateful that me and my wife are financially stable, for the most part, and can afford good air conditioning.

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