Really care about the fitness outfits rather than really working out

Every year I tell myself I am going to get into shape.

My number one part is buying the fitness clothing. I online shop at many stores to get the best gear. I find high quality narrow black pants, fitted long sleeves and the best shoes money can buy. I buy dri fit shorts with the built in underwear so I don’t need to constantly adjust. I also get interests bras, tanks, and even special hair bands so our ponytail doesn’t come out. When I get to the gym, I am the best dressed person. My outfit is brand new and matches. I have our own water bottle, music hook up and bag. The issue is when it comes to really working out. I care about planning and preparing, not so much doing the work out. I guess our issue is that I am clueless with workout equipment. I guess how to run on a treadmill and use an elliptical. I just hate that moment where I mess around trying to figure out the machine. I also don’t guess why someone would do a bike that puts your butt in the air vs the a single where you are literally sitting in a recline. The weightlifting machines are just way too intimidating. I don’t even stroll in that area. I guess I either need to go in early to the gym and learn the machines, or go to a core progression. This is a personal training gym where you do a class and they tell you what to do. That might be more up our alley.


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