Real estate law

I’ve finally  finished up my law degree!  After doing years in school, I have my own law degree, plus a new occupation along with it now working in corporate law in a downtown legal firm.  We deal with real estate law, wills plus taxes, civil litigation plus personal injury. I really interned here last month for almost every day of the week, so I’m quite regular with this certain law firm plus quite happy here.  Of course, interning plus honestly doing the law are 2 totally unusual things, however I’m particularly looking forward to the big time challenge ahead. I’ll be given the chance to put into practice what I’ve been thinking about in all our expensive reference books these last few years, plus it’ll all be good for it, once I’m finally writing our own wills, practicing real estate law, plus assistant some type of guy on a personal injury case.  In fact, I’ll have to eventually decide one type of legal practice to deal with in particular, however I’ll have time to try it all, plus make a choice on which of the areas of law that I will wish to concentrate on the most. It’s still early on though, plus while I was interning here, I only touched on the multiple styles of law all of us practice here, with the fact that I guess like I might be leaning towards personal injury. I just like the concept of the hardcore getting the upper hand in a good injury case where a man is hurt someone.

personal injury lawyer