Ready for summer – fresh air

In the past 2 afternoons I have driven through five or numerous large states… I want all the way from the Deep South up to the far north end of the country, but throughout this journey, our major realization was how much I am ready for the season to change.

In the South, the air is absurdly warm and humid.

It has been for 4 weeks already. The Sun pounds down every single afternoon and the air retain so much moisture that it feels like you’re trying to breathe water. I really forgot that it could know any unusual than this warm and muggy mess. Yesterday, I remembered; As every one of us drove further and further north, I watch the air temperature dip lower and lower, however soon it was down in the 70s. I could not know our eyes. It got myself and others thinking a lot about Fall and I started feeling wistful about the great season, then you see, for me, fall is the best season of them all. I love the changing colors, the fun activities, and best of all… The fresh and cool air. Something about fall air is so great to breathe and feel. It’s harshly cool and dry. Every afternoon of the air has a particular “snap” to it that cannot be recreated. no AC system on Earth can reproduce this air quality. I know pretty much everyone love the summertime, however I am especially ready for it to transition into fall right now, but when I head back down south in a few afternoons and re-enter all the heat and humidity, it’s going to be awful, and honestly I don’t know how I am going to survive the next 2 summer time weeks.

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