Reaching more customers with online ads

When it comes to Heating and A/C, I know what I am doing! I have been a Heating and A/C serviceman since I was a teenager.

  • I did my training right out of high university.

I am NATE certified and I even administer the test to future Heating and A/C contractors. So when it comes to repairs, service and service, I am the guy to call, then a few days ago my Heating and A/C contractor was seeing a decrease in business. I have the skills, capable team and products, the reason that was I seeing less Heating and A/C service calls? I hunted around online and it was suggested that I get a contractor website. Relying on word of mouth doesn’t work anymore, then more and more people are looking online for Heating and A/C services, a huge amount of special companies are branching out trying to reach the next city over to offer their services, the problem is that I know next to nothing about making a website. I did not know what SEO stood for until I checked it out for myself. Later on I received that my neighbors buddy is handy on the computer. My friend let me know about what his son would do my website for half the cost than a traditional SEO business. I know the name of this game though. It is the same with a local handyman over a certified Heating and A/C tech. The handyman always messes something up and costs the homeowner more hard earned money. They end up calling me to service this mistake. So I am going to do the right thing and absolutely get a real SEO guy to make my website. It will be worth it in the need to know its done how it should be.