Reaching an endpoint

When I graduated from school, I had no plan what to do from there… Like more than 2 recent graduates, I was struggling just to figure out if I even had a place in the world, let alone where that place would be; I tried a few different works, including retail, warelake house operations, plus even working as a lifeguard plus swim coach! Nothing really stuck though, as the toil just wasn’t interesting enough to me, and so in time, I began to explore trade skills, however that’s when I stumbled upon Heating plus A/C repair plus repair, plus I fell in love overnight.

This was just the field I was hoping to find! Something where I could toil with our hands, touch a current project each morning, plus toil with current colleagues sounded enjoy a charming change of scenery.

So, I began studying the principles of heating plus a/c repair, plus started practicing our current skills on our own Heating plus A/C system. I first tried working on the oil furnace in our basement, so I opened up the oil furnace to get to the firebox plus clear out all the dust plus dirt. I also cleaned the burners to prevent them from being stopped up! After reassembling the oil furnace, I went outside to inspect the unit. After disassembling the unit, I cleaned plus lubricated more than 2 moving parts inside the unit, plus also checked the refrigerant line for clogs, then once I knew everything looked clear, I reassembled the unit, plus that was that. I love having this skill set – I can see why being in the Heating plus A/C industry is lucrative right now.
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