Rather be fishing

I absolutely love to go fishing. It’s one of my favorite ways to spend the day. Even when I am stressed out and upset, I can usually clear my mind with a day on the water. I picked up a small fishing boat last year, when I got my income tax return. I purchased a small bass boat from one of my co-workers. It is big enough for me and my girlfriend, when she decides to accompany me on a fishing day trip. There is even room for a cooler in the middle. I have a small motor, and we can take the boat all over the bay, lake, or river. There is a lot of places around here to go fishing, and it isn’t unusual to find catfish, perch, red snapper, or even an occasional shark. Last weekend, my girlfriend and I were going to take the boat on the river. The weather was forecasted to be warm and comfortable with a light Breeze. We spent the evening getting our supplies ready. When we were hooking up the boat to the truck, I got a call from my boss at the heating and air conditioning company. His wife was going into labor, but he was scheduled to perform an air conditioner installation. Morning. He begged me to take his place on the air conditioner installation. I told him that I already had the boat ready to go, and he offered to pay me double time. My girlfriend and I decided to postpone our trip until the afternoon, so I could help with the air conditioner installation. My boss had a beautiful baby girl, and I was happy he could be there when she was born.

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