Radiant heating

After only a few weeks living up in New England, I see now why people are envious of the people who live in the south their whole lives. I also see why so several people travel down to the south during the winter. It’s bitterly cold up here! Last year, I was sent here on a career move; it has been a strenuous time to say the really least. It’s consistently super cold, people seem to be in a poor mood (most likely because it’s so damn cold), as well as I think the village I live in is consistently under a blizzard warning! We are surrounded by numerous feet of snow, and breaking the ice off my car and the driveway is just terrible. The people up in New England do have a single thing that I have started to adore with however: radiant heated flooring. I get why it’s not popular at all down in the southern half of the country, but hydronic heating the only reason I have been able to stick around up here! As soon as I get back to my apartment from work, I can sit down on the floor with cat as well as snuggle up while catching up with the DVR. It’s also super eco friendly as well as cheap to have! Heated floors have no ductwork, so they’re low maintenance too. I don’t need to worry about changing any air filters. As long as I’m still living anywhere with great hydronic heating floors, as well as some fun things to do on my days off, I think I can stick it out up here.

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