Radiant heated flooring

A couple months ago, when my furnace broke down, I told my husband it would be the perfect time to install a boiler system and put the radiant heating in the bathrooms.  He was a bit hesitant about the radiant heated flooring because of the expense. When we talked to the HVAC contractor, he told us that since we were installing a new heating system, it would be the ideal time to install the radiant heat in the bathrooms and any other rooms we wanted it.  I thought radiant heated flooring would be great in my office, so we started looking at the scope of work. We had hardwood flooring that would need to be lifted, along with the sub flooring. He said there wasn’t sub flooring with hardwood, but the HVAC contractor was wrong. Along with there being subflooring, there was also broken joists beneath the hardwood.  We hadn’t expected any of this. Now we had to replace broken floor joists and insect riddled floor boards. We had only lived in the house five years, and the contractor told us that we should have all of the floors inspected. What should have been a simple furnace replacement now had us ripping out the basement ceiling so we could inspect the flooring we had we been living on.  We had to rip out fifty percent of the floor joists and have them either replaced or sistered so we could make them safe. We got our radiant heating in the bathrooms and in my computer room, but it cost about four times more than we had expected.

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