pure air filter to clean up the air quality

This has easily been the worst flu season on record. I have been keeping my kids home from activities at friend’s households plus various school events. I just can’t take the chance of them getting the flu over plus over at the moment. I am single mom, and one flu means that I lose work, which I can’t afford to do right now… The kids started a modern school this year. It was a charter school that we actually won a lottery to attend! We are a couple of months into the school year as the winter would be coming on. I noticed, for the first time in their schooling that they had not been sick once that school year. This was rather unusual to me! I asked the instructor at their school if they were seeing the flu around. She said that a few years ago, the school actually installed the Pure Air Filter System. This air filter system protects from germs more than the typical Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C filters. It is widely used in hospitals plus doctor offices, as well for those with severe dust irritations. I went to my household to study up more on this air filter system. I was seriously impressed with how it protects against illness plus improves breathing tremendously. I called my own Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C provider to see the likelihood of putting it in my household. I figured it was going to be incredibly high-priced. But, to my astonishment, they had a great payment plan. They even assured me that the system essentially pays for itself within a few months of of energy savings. I was legitimately gleeful to find this modern device for our household! I was determined to keep my kids perfectly healthy this winter!

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