Public speeches and HVAC

Speaking in front of a crowd has consistently been something that I enjoy.

I legitimately do enjoy talking to others.

Seeing people come out to watch me and start clapping, laughing or crying, is consistently fun. To think I put that feeling into the crowd is a wonderful thing. It is not straight-forward performing in front of people when it is not going well. I consistently get legitimately concerned and sweaty after that. I had one speaking event that was a political one. It was not going well! Nobody agreed with what I was saying and I got some of my points confused. I was grateful that the A/C system was blowing at its lowest setting for me. I legitimately needed AC due to I was overly worried plus had started to sweat. I observed some people in blazers because they were being iced over by this giant component. Others were in short sleeve shirts plus shorts not letting the cold air moving around bother them at all. I enjoyed talking to the people once it started going better. Heater & A/C systems are periodically not undoubtedly great in business meetings. Occasionally the meeting room is an older one and that means outdated Heating and Air Conditioning. Occasionally the supplier has not sprung for ductwork sealing or regular Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance. Then I get to deal with a noisy Heating and Air Conditioning component taking away from what I say. Occasionally it makes a loud banging or screeching noise that consistently distracts me.

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