Promoting online helped save my business

I am the owner of a small time Heating plus A/C supplier plus supplier had been great for awhile, however recently a major Heating plus A/C supplier moved into my small town! They have tons of Heating plus A/C business, a dozen or so brand name products plus offer things adore free estimates, two year warranties along with 24 hour emergency service, however i am just a single guy plus a small time supplier owner.

I can’t afford to offer these deals plus I cannot keep up with all their several services! For awhile I figured my little supplier was going to close.

A good buddy of mine told me that I should contact an online SEO supplier for some help. The plan of paying someone to provide me supplier seemed weird. The lack of funds was my issue, however handing out more currency seemed a bit silly to be honest. I was desperate though plus figured why not? The online SEO supplier has been amazing. The first thing they did was make me a website. Every moment that someone types in my city name, Heating plus A/C, or even repair, my supplier is the first that comes up; My little supplier ranks higher than the major Heating plus A/C supplier even. I also have a facebook, google supplier plus twitter page for my supplier that gets to post on it, then every now plus then the SEO team does google ads promoting my company. I have gotten quite a few calls from all of these services. I guess we will see if my supplier is going to make it. For now though, I am here to stay. I am getting another clients plus currency flowing in to make it to another season. I am hoping the supplier just keeps on growing.