Problems with our radiator

A month ago, my husband and I began to take the cabinets out of our dining room.  We had to redo the entire set up of our dining room because the original builders of the house had the radiator strips hidden behind the cabinets.  We knew this was going to be a hard and messy project. We tried to preserve the cabinets so we wouldn’t have to spend more money replacing them. After looking into the placement of the radiator strips, we found out that the there was one behind the vanity in the lavatory. So now the vanity had to be removed, also. We were okay with that because we were already planning to put radiant heating in the lavatory, for added comfort. For some odd reason, the lavatory felt like the coldest room in the house.  My husband bought a new exhaust fan for the lavatory because ours wasn’t working very well, and it was making a loud, buzzing noise. We soon discovered that this would mean we would, also, have to put in a new ceiling. After we ripped out the ceiling, I was honestly disturbed by what we saw next. The ventilation system was vented into the ceiling, and there was mold growing on the original ceiling. Our dining room project will have to wait for a while because now we have to remediate the mold. After we get the mold situation under control, we’ll move forward with installing the heating system, the fan and the ceiling.

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