Problems with my oil heater

Tonight was the first night of the year when the weather has dropped low enough to require a jacket at night, it’s the perfect weather for a late Summer fire, & it’s a signal that Winter will soon be on its way. I always remember, when I’m out buying chocolate & graham crackers for smores, that it’s time to call our Heating and Air Conditioning company for our biannual heating & air conditioner tune-up. The longer I wait to get it diagnosed, the harder it is to get someone out on a time that works for me. Autumn is notoriously short in the area of the country I live in–we’ve even had blizzards on Thanksgiving three years in a row–so I know that it’s pressing that we get the Heating and Air Conditioning repair performed as soon as possible. My local heating & air conditioner company checks the HVAC duct to make sure everything is still sealed up tight & cleans it out to ensure dust hasn’t accumulated while all of us were in the Summer months. He checks over the components & many parts to make sure everything is in nice shape. I love our Heating and Air Conditioning supplier, because he lets us know when something is in rough shape, what duty it performs, & what can happen to the Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit if we go without fixing it. He never oversells us things, he’s just direct & informative. Thanks to our annual oil furnace repair check-ups, I never have to worry about having problems with the oil furnace when I need it most.

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