Prefab toilets for music event

Once a year my town hosts a giant music festival.

We have bands all over the world come for a long weekend and play.

The tourists coming in bring a lot of revenue to our town. They stay in our one hotel, eat at the few restaurants and buy at the local shops. Everyone in town looks forward to the concerts. We have slowly gotten it to be a bigger event and more professional. We started out just putting porta potties all over the field where the concert goers attended. The porta potties looked terrible, smelled awful and never had enough supplies in it. Now that we have more money to do the concert, we have upgraded to prefab toilets. The modular toilet unit comes with 12 individual stalls, sinks, hand dryers and even soap dispensers. The unit is actually just a giant shipping container with plumbing. The company that does the container toilets handles everything at their facility. On the day of the music event, they bring the prefab toilet all ready to use. It sits the whole weekend and then they collect afterwards. Having individual stalls, towels and dryers is way classier. The toilet unit also has heating in it as well. On colder concert days sometimes people huddle in the bathroom for warmth. We have even considered getting a shower unit for the concert goers that just pitch a tent. It would certainly make the event cleaner. It might attract more people too if we had all working plumbing. The container business is so amazing to work with.

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