Portable AC units seem to be the best

When I was growing up, I loved that I had all of the seasons to enjoy.

We had an old house that was built in the early 1930’s and it was really drafty. We had an excellent heating system, but our central air conditioning was non-existent. The only air conditioning unit we had in the house, was in our parent’s room. We had a lot of fun sitting in their room and watching cartoons. Dad would watch them with us and we would laugh so hard at the antics on the television. I often looked at dad and saw how old he was getting. When we noticed that the air conditioning was dying, I wondered what dad was going to do. He was having a difficult time putting the air conditioner into the window and taking it out. I was worried that he would pick the window air conditioner because he was used to how they work. My dad and mom sat down and started looking at different AC units. I asked them if they had thought about getting a portable air conditioning unit. Dad started looking at portable air conditioning units and he was surprised at how efficient they were. He also liked that they were so light and able to move around the house. Dad loves the new portable air conditioner and he likes that we can all sit in the living room and not on the crowded bed. They still took the air conditioning unit back to their room at night, but it was really nice to be able to have the air conditioning in different places in the house.
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