Pop up kitchen for the holiday market

I work for an up and coming restaurant in the city.

One thing we have been trying to do is get our name out there anyway we can.

For the holidays, our city does a lot of holiday markets to attract tourists. Being a food option in a holiday market is amazing. Everyone stops by the stand and purchases something. The incoming revenue is amazing and after the holiday season is over, people hunt for that business. It took my restaurant awhile to figure out how we could attend the holiday market. A lot of our foods required a grill and fresh produce. How could we have that in a little stand? The market place would not let us drive a food truck and buying a working vehicle was too expensive. I found that there are shipping containers that can be equipped with kitchen materials. Online I designed the perfect container kitchen. I had a counter, fryer, storage space and hooks to hang our utensils. It was small, cost effective and it had all the essentials. What was nice is that the company that did the pop up kitchen handled everything. They make it piece by piece at their facility. On the day of the holiday market they assembled the whole unit for us. We simply had to bring in food related items and then got to work. When it came to taking down the pop up kitchen, the company handled that too. It was so simple that my team was able to do more than one holiday market this holiday season.

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