Please let these people move before they destroy my AC

the people you live next to can make a big difference in your quality of life. I feel like this isn’t undoubtable fact. Have you ever had neighbors that you simply just can not stand? How did they impact your life? I would really like to know because I suppose this is what I am dealing with right now! My newest neighbors are young and undoubtedly careless dirt people to say the least. They are always wrecking things in their yard because they are so careless! That’s one thing, but now it’s crossing over the property lines. For example they keep backing into our central heating & A/C system unit Located in the backyard with their truck! Every single time they do perilous task this they are putting dents in our otherwise perfectly working and quite expensive central A/C unit! I actually had to explain this unfortunate fact to our certified heating & A/C system specialist the other day when they asked me why everytime they come to do the Heating and Air Conditioning tune up on the somewhat-new central heating and cooling unit that it is always increasingly dented! I told them. And the certified heating & A/C system specialist only shook his head and then would tell me that if it happened much more significantly that it could permanently mangle our central cooling system. I told our neighbors about this and they didn’t care whatsoever. They were actually pretty rude about it! If our central heating & A/C system proposal breaks down I am going to sue them for a lot of money! I am tired of their careless behavior all together!

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