Please give me some space

As an HVAC dealer, I do some work on a/cs in the hot times plus furnaces in the Winter times, and not all of my work gets to be inside though. In fact, a lot of days at work, I am working on fixing a/c machines that are located outside a home. This means that I have to be in the snow for a large space of the day sometimes. The other times it can be around 100 degrees outside plus I had more than 3 service calls in a row to service a/cs in the heat before. The first two calls went real well. I was outside for roughly a few minutes each time plus I had been able to service the a/c, get some cash, plus go on my merry way. Of course, I was quite a bit overheated, even though I didn’t really feel the burns setting in yet, but then on my last call, it became a different story altogether due to the heat. I had an absolutely hard time troubleshooting the a/c component. It was early in the day at that point – the warmest time of the day. The sunlight was blasting on me as I worked. After 45 minutes of being in the hot sunshine with no block, I realized how hot plus sticky I was… By then it was too much, I started to feel faint. My heart rate began to go up and up. I could tell I was about to hit the deck. I walked slowly to my automobile plus turned on the ac. I grabbed two bottles of water plus drank them. Then I got the sweat from my face using a rag in my truck. I sat there for around 15 minutes before I went back to the job.

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