Planning to get into kayaking

My husband and I just bought our first home and it is located right on a lake.

By walking just a few steps down to the lake, I can go for a swim if I want.

My husband and I started out swimming and laying on flotation devices while sipping a few beers; Now I have decided to improve my fitness never. The lake is very long and wide across. I recently bought a two-person kayak for us to try out. I am convinced that he and I are going to enjoy kayaking together for a workout. We can paddle as much, as fast or hard as we want for an arm workout and then jump out of the kayak and swim it back for a total body work out. It would also be especially fun because my sound doc can be attached to the kayak and provide us hands free music. I chose a kayak with sufficient space to carry water bottles and some snacks too. The kayak isn’t only for getting fit. I think a kayak could be a fun thing for us to do together as a couple. We might as well make use of the lake since the cost of our home was based on the waterfront. I also have been considering a stand up paddle board. If kayaking proves to be a great thing for us, paddle boarding is going to be next. It seems like a wonderful work out while also providing a tan. I like the idea that I can get a good arm workout without lifting weights. Plus, some variation in my workouts is always helpful. Hopefully I am not spending a ton of money on all these water accessories to simply take up space in my shed.
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