Petition for better heating system in the classroom

My daughter has always loved School. Even when she was in the fourth grade, she excelled in math, science, and spelling. When she started the fifth grade, she became seriously interested in politics and her civic duty. My daughter hated to be a minute late for class, and she never missed school unless we forced her to stay home. When my daughter started to complain about the heating system at school, I didn’t think much about the issue. When she started to request staying home, I thought the heating issue was probably severe. I made an appointment with the teacher, so I could check out the classroom atmosphere. The teacher and I met shortly before lunch, and she was very nice. We met in the hallway outside the classroom, and the temperatures were pleasant. When we stepped into the classroom, I knew exactly why my daughter was complaining. The indoor air was frigid and cold. If my eyes were closed, I could have sworn that I was inside of a refrigerator. I instantly felt bad for my daughter and all of the other students. They must have been shivering. I told the teacher that my daughter was complaining about the heating system, and she didn’t look very surprised. I asked if someone was resolving the problem, but she did not seem to believe there was an answer. The next day, I decided to make a visit to my brother, who is a member of the County School Board. I’m going to get to the bottom of this problem, so the kids can concentrate on school and their activities.

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