Personal training right before the wedding

After dating for nearly several years, my boyfriend and I decided to get married.

I was gleeful to start the next phase of our lives.

I was distraught to start planning the actual wedding plus instantly went dress hunting. As I tried on a series of gorgeous dresses, I was not cheerful with what I saw standing in front of me. I realized that I’d gained a ton amount of weight in the last few years. I was unwilling to walk down the aisle feeling bad about my appearance. I wanted to look beautiful for my man plus start a healthier way of life. I spoke with my future husband plus he agreed to sign up with a personal trainer. This certain trainer specializes in working with couples. The man was superb about customizing a fitness regime to suit both our strengths and weaknesses. The personal trainer helped us to create a much healthier diet. All of us threw out all of the high sugar snacks plus filled our fridge plus cupboards with fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains plus foods high in minerals plus nutrients. All of us replaced soda with water plus committed ourselves to a harder workout program. My boyfriend and I with the personal trainer a few times per week. The workouts were super intense plus there were several times when we considered stopping it all together. However, the personal trainer was great at what he did. The trainer held us accountable plus continued to motivate us. He encouraged us to stay active on those days when we didn’t meet with him.


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