Personal training really was the key

I was slightly pudgy growing up.

The concern became more difficult while I was in college. After graduation, I continued to gain more and more weight. I had no clue how to go about an exercise program, and my job is actually sedentary plus I work for long hours. I was snacking at my office desk plus grabbing quick meals on my way home. I was actually unhappy with my looks, plus I grew to be quite sad. My confidence went down, plus my nurse was uneasy about potential health concerns I could face. She advised that I get a gym membership. That turned out to be a total waste of my cash. I paid for a year’s membership plus only visited the gym only three times. I was extremely intimidated plus felt unsure about myself. I had no clue how to officially use the machines, plus the staff members were not nice or helpful. I ended up injuring myself attempting to lift too much weight. A coworker of mine advised that I try a personal trainer. At that time, I was terribly upset but willing to try just about anything. The personal trainer turned out to be the key to my success… From our 1st collaboration, I was motivated to achieve my goals. Him and I sat down and discussed my problems, fears plus long-range goals. The trainer asked about my eating habits plus explained where I was sabotaging myself with unhealthy meal options. Together, we created a healthy plus strict meal plan that I can stick with. The exercise program was extremely hard. The personal trainer continued to challenge me to work harder and longer.


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