Perhaps I should return home

In addition to the regular accumulation of pet dander, dust particles and just about anything else inside my air conditioning ductwork, there are other factors that encouraged me to have an HVAC duct cleaning.  My children have brought to the lake house several different types of pets over the years–my family home was turning into an animal sanctuary. I am secretly hoping though, that at least one of them becomes a veterinarian.  Also, I’ve decided that I need an HVAC duct cleaning because the former lake house owners were quite the smokers, and I did not get an HVAC duct cleaning before both of us moved in. I should have though, since I could still smell the remnants of their nasty cigarettes.  Instead, I set out a few media air cleaners to help with my indoor air pollen levels, and it did help. I wanted a media air cleaner for the basement anyway; it smelled a bit damp when both of us first toured the home. I knew then that I’d need a media air cleaner for the basement, especially since my kid would be sleeping down there with the washer and dryer.  My husband and I also took down a wall between two rooms that was not needed just before all of us moved in. That dust from the remodel, however small it was, should have encouraged me to get the HVAC duct cleaning before both of us moved in. However, all of us had so much to do, it slipped my mind after I placed the media air cleaners throughout the house. However, now I have the HVAC duct cleaning scheduled with a local heating and AC supplier.