Perfect time to install radiant heated floors

My husband and I recently bought a fixer-upper home.

This was the perfect solution to our very limited budget.

We were able to afford a sizeable plot of land in a nice area because the house is a complete mess. No one has occupied the home for at least ten years. Before that, no updates or repairs were made. The owners ignored leaking water pipes and holes in the roof. There was a tremendous amount of water damage, no insulation in the walls, corroded pipes and unsafe electrical wiring. Since my husband and I are both very handy and we enjoy home improvement projects, we looked forward to tackling the problems in the house. We started by gutting the place down to the bare studs and floor joists. We tore down all of the ceilings and walls and ripped up the floors. We then got busy installing new plumbing and wiring. About the only thing in the house that was salvageable was the boiler in the basement. When I called a professional HVAC contractor to provide service, he took a look at our construction project and recommended radiant flooring. Since I was hoping for an excuse to get rid of the ugly old radiators, this sounded like a great idea to me. He said that with the floor joists exposed, it wouldn’t be all that difficult to install a series of pipes to create a radiant system. The pipes link to the boiler and carry hot water to spread heat evenly across the floor. Once the radiant pipes are in place, we’ll conceal them with subflooring and ceramic tile. The radiant flooring will allow us to set up zone control without much difficulty. Plus, we’ll enjoy silent, clean and especially energy efficient heating.

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